Polypropylene / Plastic / LLDPE speed humps

We've seen and used many types of speed humps come and go since we started in this field back in 1994.  Of current concern to us is the proliferation of plastic or polyurethane speed humps. 

 Low density polyethylene (LDPE) is the newest entrant into the market place.  Companies are marketing these products with 2 benefits..., it's economical to manufacture, and the modules feature a bright yellow colour.  No-one mentions the drawback is the softness of the material.  We are finding LDPE speed humps are wearing at astonishingly quick rates.  Indeed we have seen first hand examples of LDPE speed humps wearing down from 50mm high to 10mm high within approximately 18 months of being installed in a typical suburban shopping centre car park!  They may be economical to produce, but if you need to pull up and replace them every two years, that is going to be far more expensive.  They are hardly the best advert for you either.

Below are 2 typical installs in average suburban shopping centres.  Both installations are under 2 years old.


LDPE speed hump

LDPE speed hump  
 polyurethane speed humps    



The alternatives...


Steel offers the hardest wearing material but can be a little noisy once fixings inevitably work loose with traffic.  The yellow and black markings will eventually wear off at heavy traffic points and re-painting steel is difficult.


Rubber has become a popular choice as they are relatively economical to produce, can feature 'built-in' yellow colouring and offer a reasonable wear and tear life span.


Not be be confused with the above plastic speed humps, thermoplastic speed humps have been around since the early 90's and offers a hard wearing surface at a relatively economical price.  To achieve the familiar black and yellow pattern, the yellow modules are painted.  The paint will wear with time, but the modules can be re-painted easily with standard road marking paints, ie refresh your speed hump colour when you refresh your site's line marking


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